Term & Condition, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy

Term and Condition:

-This herbal product has not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration.It is not intended to cure, treat, and diagnose any disease or condition.Strongly suggest consulting first with your Doctor/Nurse/physician before usingthis product.

-It can only be used for research and study purposes.

-Buyer must be 21 years old and not for minors.

-Buyer must be responsible for safety and protection of our products.

-This company is not responsible for the misuse of products and the misuse byany third party.

-Buyers are responsible for their own states’ and country’s laws.

-If any third party promotes our website on other sources, they must follow ourterm and condition on this page.

Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy for BALIE LLC INC guidesyou through how the data and information we collect or retain from the buyerswho visit our site https://www.baliellc.com.The information collected will include the following:

1. Providing the ability tocorrect any inaccurate information.

2. In order to protect the informationgiven, rigorous security procedures are placed.

3. This allows you to have many optionswhen information are collected.

4. Personal information that willbe used from the given website and who may receive or see that information.

We, BALIE LLC INC are the sole owners of the information collectedon this given site. We will only collect and have the access to information thatyou have voluntarily given us from this website. Through the site, we will thenuse the information to help you in case of any reason you decide to contact us.In case of any specials or future sale promotions, we will be able to contactyou first, unless you decide to opt out. You will be able to opt out of anyfuture emails from us at any time you wish to. In case of any future changes toinformation regarding your contact, you can do so by contacting through theemail or phone number listed on the website.

Whenever we ask for sensitive information such as credit cardinformation or personal/ sensitive information, we take extra cautious toprotecting those information online.

Furthermore, we take extra precautions to the next level. BALIELLC INC honor the Do-Not-Track mechanisms. We will not offer any third partyproducts or advertisements on our site. Lastly, BALIE LLC INC will not sellyour information to any third party.

Refund Policy:

We accept returns within 14days your order is delivered. Only unopened bags can be accepted for returns.Buyers will pay the shipping return fee. After passing inspection, we willprocess the refund.

Other Important Notes:

-We are unable to sell K Tea to states of RI, IN, VT, WI, AR, AL and SarasotaCounty in FL, San Diego city in CA, Union County in MS, Denver in CO,Jerseyville city in IL. We are also unable to sell extract forms to state ofTN.

-For QUICK shipping process, please choose PAYMENT OPTIONS when checking out.Please ONLY put the ORDER NUMBER on it. ForCheck payment, you must wait until the check clears (usually ~ 7 business days)

- NO Debit/Credit Card ACCEPTED at this time.

- After payment is received, your order willbe delivered in average 3-7 business days.

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Commitment is Everything


BALIE LLC INC believes that we all deserve products of quality aligned with our quality of life. We have an inherent desire and interest in nature, protecting our environment through curating products that promote excellence.

Our strength is in selecting the freshest, purest products available, then processing our precious harvest with respect and gentle care throughout the process, packaging, storing and transporting, ultimately, delivering a beautifully fresh and vibrant product to you.

Our greatest asset is in the solid relationships we’ve formed with our factory. This empowers us to fulfill our customer’s needs as well as distribute products all over the United States in a timely manner.



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