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Our fresh kr@tea has an aroma much like that of green tea. Balie kr@tea is 100% pure kr@tea (mit) from 100% Indoor dry leaves process, not of uncertain mix or blend of various botanicals resembling the look of kr@tea. You’ll know the difference when you compare our kr@tea to others. Our strength is in selecting the freshest, purest kr@tea available, then processing our precious harvest with respect and gentle care throughout the drying process, packaging, storing and transporting, ultimately, delivering a beautifully fresh and vibrant product to you. Natural kr@tea veins come in many colors. Note each kr@tea color has similar and yet, organically speaking, different biochemical ratios and profiles. Identify your unique needs and desires, and align them with your strain or strains of choice.

Weight Conversions: 50 GRAMS = 1.7 Oz , 250 GRAMS = 8.8 Oz , 500 GRAMS = 17.6 Oz , 1KG = 2.2 Lbs

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Green MD, Supergreen (+$2.00), Green Balie (+$3.00), Super Green Balie (+$3.00), Evergreen (+$3.00), Red MD, Bentuangie (Fermented Red MD), White MD, Yellow MD, Green DRAGON (From Extract Quality Leaf) (+$4.00), Red DRAGON (From Extract Quality Leaf) (+$4.00), White DRAGON (From Extract Quality Leaf) (+$4.00)

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