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Best Site for all things kratom products Balie LLC is definitely the best place to get herbs on the internet or anywhere that I’ve found. Not only is the product the best quality but the owner is so amazing. He’s on top of everything, extremely helpful, fast, caring and kind. This company actually cares about the people they’re helping and that’s super rare now a days so if I could I’d give them a million stars! Thank you so much for all of your help! Kratom has been insurmountable in helping both my sister and I with our headaches AND my boyfriend and I with anxiety! If you have chronic pain or issues with anxiety and sleep kratom is the safest, most natural and best way to go! ❤️

Jamee D.

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Balie LLC believes that we all deserve products of quality aligned with our quality of life. We have an inherent desire and interest in nature, protecting our environment through curating products that promote excellence.

Our strength is in selecting the freshest, purest products available, then processing our precious harvest with respect and gentle care throughout the process, packaging, storing and transporting, ultimately, delivering a beautifully fresh and vibrant product to you.

Our greatest asset is in the solid relationships we’ve formed with our factory. This empowers us to fulfill our customer’s needs as well as distribute products all over the United States in a timely manner.