Pure 50X Green MD Extract Powder

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EExtracts are very an effective, compact and convenient choice for all applications. All extraction process comes from 100% green solvents. Our fresh kr@tea has an aroma much like that of green tea. Balie kr@tea is 100% pure kr@tea (mit) from 100% Indoor dry leaves process, not of uncertain mix or blend of various botanicals resembling the look of kr@tea. You’ll know the difference when you compare our kr@tea to others. Our strength is in selecting the freshest, purest kr@tea available, then processing our precious harvest with respect and gentle care throughout the drying process, packaging, storing and transporting, ultimately, delivering a beautifully fresh and vibrant product to you.

Extract 50X has ~3.5 stronger than regular powder. 50X means it takes 50Kg regular powder to get 1 kg extract powder. It has more complete alkaloids content compare to Full Spectrum Extract powder.

Weight Conversions: 25 GRAMS = 0.8 Oz , 50 GRAMS = 1.7 Oz , 100 GRAMS = 3.5 Oz , 250 GRAMS = 8.8 Oz

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25 Gram, 50 Gram (+$35.00), 100 Gram (+$105.00), 250 Gram (+$305.00)

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